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Gestational Sac only during ultrasound

Hi everyone,
On my second pregnancy (2 yo daughter), just went in this morning for my ultrasound at 8w5d. He said he could only see a gestational sac but no baby. Is it possible I’m just wrong about my estimated length of pregnancy? Or is this a foregone miscarriage?
Thanks for the support.

Re: Gestational Sac only during ultrasound

  • If you were tracking O by using BBT or something like that, and are absolutely 100% positive of when you O'd, then being several weeks behind at your ultrasound is not good news.  However, if you're only using your LMP and it's all guess-work, then you could be wrong, and you could've O'd later than you thought, and it may be fine.  What did the doctor say?

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  • Thanks for your reply. He said Basically I’m in two camps - either I’m only 5 weeks and that’s why we’re not seeing anything or that the I am 8 weeks and the baby hasn’t developed and I’m going to miscarry. He’s having me do blood tests and my first HCG came back 1850, which isn’t super indicative either way as I don’t have a reference point. That is the 4-5 week range but it also could be on the decline if I’m miscarrying. I go to the hospital today for a better ultrasound technician and have a follow up blood test tomorrow.
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    I’m in a very similar position. I had my first appt at 7w1d. They only saw a gestational and yolk sac. I am positive of my LMP and used ovulation tests too. Having a repeat US on Tuesday, but I’m the interim they checked my hcg levels this week. Monday (7w5d) my levels were 51,000+ and yesterday (8 weeks) they had dropped to 46,000. The provider called me and said with that, this pregnancy won’t progress and the miscarriage process could start any day. I’m sorry if you experience the same. I am sad and frustrated and it’s hard.
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