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Weekly Check-In 10/16

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Re: Weekly Check-In 10/16

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  • EDD/Weeks + days: New Year's Eve/29wks

    Baby is the size of a(n): acorn squash

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: 💙 

    Upcoming appointments: regular checkup Oct 30th

    How are you feeling? Achy. My hips and pelvis area are feeling it, mainly when getting up after sitting/ laying down. Sometimes putting my pants on and standing on one leg is difficult. Did some gardening over the weekend and cleaning today and got down on my hands and knees like an article in the app suggests for the pelvic region pain. Despite the discomfort, I think nesting has started as I'm getting the house ready for our son's birthday party this weekend, but finding other baby preparation projects I want to tackle as soon as thr party is done. 

    Rant: I'm needing more maternity pants/leggings but have a hard time finding any I like. Idk how I was able to get by without them last time, but I'm needing them this time around and my husband thinks I've gotten enough maternity clothes. Everything I've bought so far has been second-hand, though. 
     Rave: the kicks and tumbles are getting so crazy! Mt whole torso literally shook a bit when little boy was moving around during church. My husband said he was just filled with the Holy Spirit 😆

    Questions: none
  • EDD/Weeks + days: Dec 16/ 31w +3d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Asparagus 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: pink

    Upcoming appointments: Ultrasound Oct 23, check up Oct 26

    How are you feeling? Generally I feel good. My daily productivity is decreasing quite rapidly. Either I'm tired or I can't focus. Physically my hip and pelvic area are achy. It gets worse as the day goes on. 

    Raves/Rants: So happy we are getting cooler weather now. I am sleeping much better at night....aaaand I can still zip up my winter coat! 😀 probably only for another week or two and I can't use the pockets lol but I took it as a win! 

    Questions: non at the moment

    @dmcg17 @ahrob135 we also have a dog. He is a 2 year old English Bulldog. He is already trying to assert dominance over the babies room. We have it pretty much set up so I've been leaving the door open for him so it's a place he feels welcome because I think the more I try to keep him out the more he will want in lol. But every now and then he will disappear and I find him sitting in the nursing chair hahaha. So he is immediately told to get down. We have an appointment booked with our dog trainer if I get any good tips I'll let you guys know. He is also very excitable and loves to jump and lick everything, we say he is aggressively affectionate! 😅
  • EDD/Weeks + days: 33+1

    Baby is the size of a(n): five cans of tomato sauce?

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: 💚💚💚

    Upcoming appointments: because of my history of minor hypertension, I have weekly appointments for nst and sonogram. Went in early today but it still took a long time in the office. Good news is every thing is great and baby is super active ("wild child", to quote the nurse) 

    How are you feeling? So. Freaking. Tired. I was already falling apart last week, pushing hard to get even twenty minutes of activity a day, and getting Braxton Hicks every time. But mixing in this horrible heartburn which has somehow gotten WORSE, and I'm constantly doing breathing exercises to stop myself from vomiting. Was unsuccessful last night, with resulted in 4 hours of sleep... My head hurts and I need a nap so badly but... Work. I'm ready for baby to come out because I just need the vomiting to stop!

    Raves/Rants: my doctors appointments get extended every time with extra tests... Not because there are any concerns, but I think my insurance covers a lot. Very frustrated because when the DR himself said it's just a formality, and I technically don't need the extensive testing, I would love to go home instead. Especially now that I have weekly appointments, soon to be biweekly!

    Questions: I've been told that if all goes well, I can have a natural birth (non induced) if it's before my due date and all my metrics are good... I've read that being active can naturally induce labor, and I have some time before it's safe to try to get the baby out, but does anyone have any ideas/experience trying to naturally induce? I really don't want pitocin!
  • @jordieburd if you’re looking for leggings I bought these on Amazon - material is super soft and comfy! (Search for Buttergene Women’s Maternity Leggings Over the Belly Maternity Yoga Pants - you can get one or it also comes in a 3-pack).
  • EDD/Weeks + days: 12/5 / 33 weeks

    Baby is the size of a(n): celery 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: Pink

    Upcoming appointments: 10/26 OB & Ultrasound 

    How are you feeling? Tired. Ready. 

    Raves/Rants: So I caught a upper respiratory infection & ear infection. The weather here in Houston just completely changed on us. We went from having 90 degree days to 50 degree mornings and mid 70 degree days. I have been having Braxton hicks everyday! 
    We have been staying with my parents while trying to purchase and build a new home but now I’m ready to leave! So we have decided to rent a house until ours is complete. I ready to organize all of baby girls things but it’s really hard here with limited space. In other news I finally took my NCLEX exam and Passed and now everyone keeps asking me when am I going to start working. I just want to yell let me breathe!! I attend classes and 6am clinicals all while being a mom of 3 and pregnant! Who’s going to hire a new grad nurse who’s about to give birth in less than 2 months. 

    Questions: I plan to breastfeed but also supplement with formula. I’ve been looking into Kendamil Goat Milk formula. Does anyone have any suggestions on formula?
  • @sweetleeyah I've heard good things about Kendamil and Bobbie. I'm going to try Gentlease with my little one. I nursed my big kid until a year but because he was so small and catching up from being so premature, peds recommended I keep giving him formula for awhile. The only thing he could take was nutramigen! I'm praying this one can tolerate something else. Nutramigen was so expensive!!! 
    DX PCOS + mild male factor
    TTC since Dec. 2015
    Current Treatment: Metformin, Provera, Letrozole, Trigger, IUI
    Past Treatment: Clomid + Metformin x 3 BFN
    Letrozole 5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI = BFP!
    Beta confirmed 8/22
    EDD 5/1/17
  • @dmcg17 Dog meeting baby #1 is one of my favorite dog stories. The dog stayed with my ILs while I was in the hospital, so we were already at home when he came in. I had baby parked in the stroller. He gave the baby a really good sniff, but was much more interested in seeing me. About 10 minutes later the baby made a noise and the dog nearly jumped out of his skin. I swear he did a full flip :D So yeah, my dog didn't even realize the baby was human :D:D But after that the only issue is that the dog sometimes sat on the baby, especially if I got down on the floor (ex: tummy time). He also sometimes knocked them over. But all of this was by accident - really he more or less ignored them until they were old enough to play with him. He was a bit weary of the stroller at the beginning. So my only precaution is to never leave the baby alone on the floor if you have a dog and obviously err on the side of caution.
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • Thank you everyone for the dog suggestions!!  I've been trying to get them to sit when I'm carrying something (I've been using one of our cats as a fake baby 😂) since they get so excited and jump all over me.  We'll probably just have family popping in to take them out/feed them whenever we're in the hospital, so they'll all be home and crated when we bring her home.  My husband is also planning on popping in and out since we live so close, so he'll probably be able to bring clothes/blankets that smell like her.  They're both great with kids (especially the 4 year-old Dalmatian), I just worry about their excitement!
  • @clt2pwm11 That sounds super nerve wracking but also hopeful at the same time! Getting to 30 weeks is such a milestone. Really hoping you make it to 32 weeks or beyond! I'm sure you already know what to do in case baby is footling breech. In my last pregnancy I practiced the position with my OB, which gave me some comfort. 

    @sweetleeyah Congrats on passing! I'm in a similar situation with work. I finish this degree right before baby comes, then I need to find a new job. I am planning on just waiting until after baby is here and I'm out of the zombie stage to even start looking. I'm hoping that will help me not stress and focus on baby. Because like you said, I'm not going to be starting right away anyway! Hopefully you can just enjoy the holidays with your family and look more when you're ready!
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • EDD/Weeks + days: 30 weeks tomorrow / Dec. 29

    Baby is the size of a(n): Bike Helmet 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: 💙

    Upcoming appointments: I had my 3-hr glucose test today and I have a regular checkup and ultrasound on Oct. 30

    How are you feeling? My allergies have been bothering me really badly this week. I feel sooo sick ugh. 

    Raves/Rants: I passed my 3-he glucose test today!!!! Yayy!!! I’m so happy and relieved! I had the fruit punch drink this time and I actually really liked it lol. I had been dreading the test and so happy it’s over. I’m also super happy to reach the 30-week milestone! We are getting so close! I’m ready to start nesting and organizing all the baby things but we honestly don’t have much stuff yet and waiting until after baby shower next weekend. 

    Questions: none
  • EDD/Weeks + days: Dec 21 / 31 weeks today 

    Baby is the size of a(n): asparagus (these get worse every week!). Theoretically I should be at 1.75kg, aka almost 4lb - how is this belly only halfway?!? :D 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: pink 

    Upcoming appointments: I had a meeting with the midwife today. She encouraged me to talk to the OB about the pubis symphysis pain, saying it's beyond normal and the doctor should write me a prescription for a support belt. Next appointment is in 2 weeks for NST and regular check-up. After that I go to appointments every 2 weeks. 

    How are you feeling? Just generally uncomfortable. Pubis symphysis pain, and acid reflux is back but still bearable. I've been having general uterine pain, which I'm pretty sure is just stretching, but still disconcerting. Mostly what I'm feeling is hiccups. This baby has hiccups for hours every day :D 

    Raves/Rants: Our house projects are moving forward. After today we only have one more big project to do before baby comes. That project will clear out what will become my husband's office, meaning we will be able to swap his office for Baby's room whenever we need to (although still planning to wait until spring for that).
    Not a rant per se, but after being covid positive for almost a week, the accompanying cold has now turned into a sinus infection. Crazy how hard it is to stay healthy when someone has taken your immune system hostage ;)
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • @chelleylin I thought of you when I saw the daily Bump article. Not sure if everyone has the same ones, but it's called "Lightening in pregnancy: When does baby drop?" and has tips for encouraging labor to start. Might help you out :)

    The other article today was also really good (applicable for everyone): "8 baby safety myths busted by pediatricians"
    I've seen every one of these promoted in various mom groups, so definitely good to check out and be informed ahead of time!

    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
  • EDD/Weeks + days: 33w1d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Lunchbox… which is fitting bc all I think about is eating 🤣🤣

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: 34 week check in next week

    How are you feeling? I’m starting to feel a lot of pressure on my pelvic bones and SO tired by about 3 pm each day! Baby is moving a ton, which has been fun to see and feel… pretty sure I saw the baby sticking it’s rear out the other day 🤣 I’m starting to get nervous about my c section, but trying to plan for what I can which is giving me some peace of mind 

    Raves/Raves: I am loving the poshdivah maternity leggings from amazon… basically all I’m living in currently!!

    Questions: Any STMs have suggestions for c section recovery items? 
  • @makenzie_e I didn't really have anything special that I used for my c-section recovery the first time. My biggest suggestion is to figure out a way to sleep propped up because laying flat just isn't going to happen for a bit. Honestly, you gonna be so tired, you could probably sleep standing up ha! You'll want high waisted pants/leggings so nothing rubs on your scar. I know some women recommend belly wraps or whatever but I just didn't feel it was necessary. 
    DX PCOS + mild male factor
    TTC since Dec. 2015
    Current Treatment: Metformin, Provera, Letrozole, Trigger, IUI
    Past Treatment: Clomid + Metformin x 3 BFN
    Letrozole 5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI = BFP!
    Beta confirmed 8/22
    EDD 5/1/17
  • @dmcg17 It's good that you're getting the dogs prepared, but you might want to be aware of the cats around baby, too. I was surprised by how much our two cats noticed my son when he came. They would check him out whenever he was in a seat or the mini crib in the living room. They tried to claim any of his baby furniture whenever he wasn't in them, so be mindful of them trying to lay on baby if you're not in the room since they can be notorious for that. Older people will tell you they can "steal a baby's breath" or lick their mouths from breastmilk, but there is an actual risk of them laying on baby and suffocating them from snuggles. Other than that, my cats have been so good with my son and tolerated him well despite giving up laptime snuggles and all of his perfectly sized furniture. 
  • madimom95madimom95 member
    edited October 20

    EDD/Weeks + days: 33 weeks and 1 day

    Baby is the size of a(n): celery? 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: Blue 💙

    Upcoming appointments: regular app the 26th! 

    How are you feeling? I’m okay, I’ve gotten a headache today and honestly it’s been since the first trimester since I’ve had one so I’m trying to push through. Lots of things are sore as usual too 😂

    Raves/Rants: I’ve got my baby shower next weekend and I almost feel like we’re ready for baby but then I don’t feel like we are 😂

    Also to add I found with headaches icing the back of your neck has seen to help some. I’m really trying to avoid Tylenol 😅

  • EDD/Weeks + days: Dec 2- 34w1d

    Baby is the size of a(n): butternut squash 

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: 🩷

    Upcoming appointments: Oct 26 prenatal - nov 6 ultra sound 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good overall- I did get Covid a couple weeks ago 😳 so now have an additional ultrasound booked. At first I was super anxious, but she’s been moving more than ever, and that gives me peace of mind 

    Raves/Rants: compression socks are annoying! Lol so hard to put them on when you have a beach ball attached! But am loving feeling and seeing her move around 

    Questions: none that comes to mind 
  • @ahrob135 I bought those leggings you recommended. They are really comfy, nice and light and not too tight and not see through. Thanks for recommending them! ☺️
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