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Slow rising HCG - chance or no?

Hi All... Looking for some honesty here - I've had 3 prior losses (2 chemical and 1 MMC at 9w) and really want to prepare myself as I think I'm experiencing this again.

From the start my HCG never doubled in 48 hours... see levels and corresponding DPO below:

19dpo - 906
21dpo - 1727
25dpo - 4278 (70 is hour doubling)
27dpo - 5987 (99hour doubling)..
29dpo (today) - 6434 (400+ hour doubling)

I can't imagine my numbers only going up ~7.5% in 48 hours is okay. Anyone have a similar experience? I had an ultrasound at 5w5d that showed a ges. sac and yolk sac in my uterus, and have another on Monday at 6w3d. I just want to know either way, this is torture. Please share honest thoughts.

Re: Slow rising HCG - chance or no?

  • @emjaygee2323 I would say this isn't good.  Those numbers should double every 48 hours until somewhere around week 8 or something when they start going by heartrates?  (sorry I've never made it that far with my 5 losses).  I've seen some people not have losses with slow rises like this, but more often then not, they lose those PGs eventually.  The odds just are not in your favor here with these numbers.  :(

    Have you been sent to a Reproductive Endocrinologist yet for an RPL panel of tests?  If not, I'd definitely push for that, even though around 50% of us end up diagnosed with unexplained RPL.  But, I still personally prefer data, and prefer to know I'm not having losses that are preventable.  

    I'm sorry for your losses and that this one isn't looking good either.  :disappointed:

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  • Thank you SO much for your honesty. As you can imagine. I've been scouring every corner of the internet looking for similar experiences and honest opinions as I feel this will not end well. My MMC in June + D&C in July was SUCH a shock as I had no idea (we weren't tracking betas) and I just can't go through that again, so I just want to be prepared.

    I have had some RPL bloodwork done, all non-conclusive, but haven't gone further than that (yet.)

    Thank you again for taking time to write such a thoughtful reply. Just have to wait until Monday to see what the doctor says and how the ultrasound looks, but hoping I can get a definitive answer & plan then and not have this drag on any longer.
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  • @emjaygee2323 I'm sorry for the awful anxiety/waiting time.  Hopefully you can talk this out with your doctor and receive more concrete information/answers on Monday.  Then hopefully have a plan moving forward to attempt to avoid more losses in the future.  :disappointed:

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  • Thank you. <3 This has been so hard, but only a few hours left until I go in. I just pray I get a solid answer either way. I don't think I can take much more of the waiting.
  •  I'm 6 weeks 2 days, started bleeding at 6 weeks, still.bleeding like a regular period and cramping. Dr's are concerned with miscarriage. My first blood test was 1/4 and my HcG was 14....14! I go back tomorrow for the 48 hour blood draw. From my online research either it is a miscarriage or gestational age is wrong ? This is my second baby. I'm Rh positive and have gestational thrombocytopenia and am 32.

    My 1st doctor's appointment and ultra sound was supposed to be 1/29 at 10 weeks. So we will see. Had anyone had this happen before? I've not miscarried before.  
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