3rd Trimester

Trigger Fingers - Any Relief?

At 31weeks I’ve gotten “trigger finger” in all four fingers of both hands - overnight my hands swell so much that my fingers curl up and lock. I tried to pull one straight and just ended up dislocating my finger. Either I or my partner have to massage them loose, and each knuckle is stiff and very sore all day. Thumbs and wrists are fine.

My OB essentially said there’s nothing that can be done besides trying the massage. But I’m really hoping someone else may have found something that at least relieves the pain… 

Re: Trigger Fingers - Any Relief?

  • I only had trigger finger in my ring finger and it wouldn’t cause me pain all day. But they do sell splints and braces on Amazon you could try to prevent them from locking in the first place. Only other thing I would think of is ice/heat and Tylenol for pain
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