3rd Trimester

COVID at 35 weeks

Hello all! First time pregnancy via IVF here. I am an elementary teacher and we’ve recently had a COVID outbreak at my school. I’ve been masking up for the last month, but I got terribly sick (cough, fever, aches, etc.) about ten days ago and then tested positive a week ago. I notified my doctor and they had me come in for a NST to check on the baby. They also gave me IV fluids. Everything testwise came back fine, but I can’t help but feel very anxious about how COVID could affect the baby this last few weeks before delivery. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice? Just looking for some reassurance or perhaps some ideas of follow up questions I should ask my doctor at my next appointment. We’ve waited a long time for this sweet baby and I want to do whatever I can to make sure he’s healthy!

Re: COVID at 35 weeks

  • Hi! I had covid at 22 weeks and freaked out! Had extra scans and supplements but my doctors were never really worried about covid. They said they would have been more concerned w the flu. Baby was born in June and totally healthy! Hope all goes well for you 🙏 
  • I’m not a doctor, but I would also think that your having COVID will pass antibodies on to your little one, making him more protected against COVID once born. 

    Prayers for a safe and healthy little one! 
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  • How did things turn out?
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