2nd Trimester

Need advice

The food aversions and nausea are driving me nuts. what are you guys eating? Any suggestions for things that weren’t as hard on you?

Re: Need advice

  • I also started taking prenatals at night. At first was taking them in the am and found a little relief with the switch to taking them before bed. A lot of little snacks throughout the day helped instead of 3 full meals. Pretty much stuck to what I normally eat, didn't change that too much, just changed the portions and frequencies. Eating actually relieved my nausea, but only felt the relief for about an hour. Pink Stork nausea sweets did wonders for me. Hope you find what works for you, that was by far my biggest complaint during 1st TM. No vomiting thankfully, but the nausea was seriously inconveniencing, would be hard to focus on anything or function at times. I feel your pain 😞 
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