2nd Trimester

Second trimester screening numbers off from earlier bleeding? Amnio or not

Hi! I’m just curious if anyone had a similar experience. I think it may be easier if I share my story from the beginning. We started seeing a maternal fetal medicine specialist due to miscarriage. They never found out the cause but I became pregnant in the process. We met with the team at 9 weeks where we had our first scan and a NIPT. The scan looked great and results were low risk in everything with a 12.4 fetal fraction. 

Then at 11/12 weeks I had significant bleeding which they said it was a subchorionic hemorrhage. I had light bleeding for about another 2 weeks. We did an ultrasound at 12 and 13 weeks to monitor the bleeding but everything came back normal and healthy. However, the doctor wanted to do a SEQUENTIAL MATERNAL SCREENING to look at the health of the placenta which also looks at genetics. That test came back normal but part 2 was needed for more information.

We then went into our 18 week anatomy scan. Again everything looked great! Everything was average. His neck measured in normal range, nose bone, good heart, etc. they also followed up with the part 2 of the sequential. That’s where the problem came. It showed I was 1/45 for Down syndrome. I believe it is because my hcg is high and my estriol was low. The doctor didn’t think I needed an amnio because of the other data but said he would do one to help ease anxiety. He said the NIPT at low risk is reassuring. He also believes my numbers are off because of the earlier bleeding. I am so torn! I am so scared to lose the baby because of the amnio (although I know super low risk) but I also need to know. I’m just curious if anyone else had off numbers because of bleeding? I would love some advice. I have also posted my numbers below:

NT 2.4 mm NT MoM 1.58 MoM PAPP-A 731 ng/mL PAPP-A MoM 0.73 MoM AFP 58.4 ng/mL AFP MoM 1.19 MoM <2.50 U3 0.95 ng/mL uE3 MoM 0.62 MoM hCG, Total 64.4 lU/mL hCG, Total MoM 2.64 MoM Inhibin 140 pg/mL Inhibin MoM 0.91 MoM

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