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When to announce?

I’m getting in my head too much about this. Coming from previous first trimester losses, never made it this far before, and all signs point to a very healthy and normal pregnancy with no genetic issues detected 🩵 sooooo when does one announce the registry? I was crazily nesting the last couple weeks and the registry is actually done. The final hurdle is my anatomy scan on 10/26 and spina bífida screen any day now. Getting cold feet but also so excited for everyone to just know we’re having a baby girl already and start buying us stuff before the holidays get so expensive! Advice welcome

Re: When to announce?

  • kmw611kmw611 member
    I just finally told my parents, MIL, and husband’s siblings this last week (I’m 17w). Idk that I was so much ready to share as my mom and dad will be here next week for my nephews bday and they’re probably going to notice. If it feels right then start letting people in. I know it’s nerve wracking after previous losses, my husband and I had talked about just not telling anyone until we had a baby to show for it this time. 
  • I wait until someone asks. Usually it goes out with your shower invites 
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