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Bump already, maybe I’m further along?

Hello - advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated - I’m wondering how far along I am, and am too impatient to wait for my 12 week scan! Here’s the timeline:

Started trying in July
End July very short light 2 day ‘period’ - unusual for me
Took test straight after this - negative
Carried on trying
End august took test day before expected period - light line. Confirmed following days with dark line.
Took a few ‘how many weeks?’ Tests (not with first pee of the day though stupidly) and got ‘1-2 weeks’ result.
Assumed I was newly pregnant and took first day of July period as start, meaning I’m currently 8 weeks ish.
However I’m starting to see a bump, and I know it’s too early for that usually… so I’m wondering if July was implantation bleeding? But the negative tests and pale August initial test would say otherwise.

My 12 week scan is 4 weeks away still and I don’t know of any ways to get an idea of this sooner. I have my first midwife appointment at 10 weeks (in 2 weeks) but my understanding is that they don’t calculate due date in that.

Any thoughts appreciated - thank you!

Re: Bump already, maybe I’m further along?

  • Is this a first pregnancy? I’ve heard that on later pregnancies you show earlier. This is my second pregnancy, I’m also eight weeks and already developing a bump.

    Either way, some people show early and others barely show ever. Based on a light line at the end of August, I doubt that you were pregnant in July.
  • It’s probably bloating 
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  • Most likely bloat, but everyone’s body is different. You’re probably 8 weeks, but I guess anything is possible. Is the bump low, like right above your pelvis? I have bloating + old leftover baby fat and I could totes pass that off as a bump but there’s nothing lower above my pubic bone yet and I’m almost 9 weeks. I do remember with my first taking pics around 9 weeks and feeling like I saw a lil something lol 
  • Thank you everyone. I think you’re right - unlikely I was pregnant in July, probably bloat or showing early.

    It is a low bloat - right above the pelvis - which is what I noticed as a bit different to when I’m usually bloated.

    Yea this is my first pregnancy - I think I’m probably just excited and overanalysing everything!
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