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Anxiety and breast feeding

I think I want to quit breastfeeding so I can go back on my anxiety medication (can’t breastfeed while on this medication) but feel super guilty about it. I have been taking out my frustration and annoyance on my toddler and husband and it’s not fair to them but also feeling guilty for giving my baby formula when this is the first time I have successfully started to make milk. All I want is to feel semi normal again and go back to being their “happy” mom and spouse. Husband supports any decision I make. 
Any thoughts? I’m at a crossroads. 

Re: Anxiety and breast feeding

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    I chose not to breast feed my second for the same reason! I was miserable I felt like it wasn't fair to my toddler, my husband, myself, or my baby! I am a better mother and person with my sanity. I did have guilt that I needed to let go of and it wasn't easy. I have horrible anxiety and felt like I just couldn't function. Thankfully my husband was supportive as well. Good luck! 
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