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39 weeks - effaced but not dilated

This is my first pregnancy and I’m 39 weeks exactly.  My doctor told me today that I’m 70% effaced but not yet dilated. She also said baby’s head is very low which is good.  

Does this mean I’m likely to deliver late? (After my due date) 
Or is there still a chance I could deliver in the next few days or atleast before I’m 40 weeks? 

Thank you!

Re: 39 weeks - effaced but not dilated

  • With my first child I went to the doctor for a check up on a Wednesday and wasn’t dilated or effaced. I had him 2 days later.  He was 10 days early. 

    I think it just depends on what your body wants to do. I’m not sure it determines anything that would give definitive answers except your body is getting ready like it’s supposed to. 
  • With my first, at 39 weeks I was 90% effaced and 1cm dilated. I gave birth at 40w 4d. I was quite active too, trying to get her out. 

    I agree that there really are no definitive answers. Every body is different. There is a possibility that you could go into labor early, but the average first time mom delivers after 40w.

    I hope that your baby comes at a good time and that both of you are healthy! 
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  • Unfortunately effacement and dilation measurements before labor don’t really mean much in terms of predicting when labor will start. You can go from nothing to full on labor in hours or it can take weeks. With my second I was walking around 3cm dilated for 2 weeks before labor kicked in, thought for sure the first week my OB told me I was dilated that much labor would be any day but nope, went into labor at 40+2. 
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  • Those effacement and dilation measurements will drive you insane!! 

    At 36 weeks I was 3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced but I stayed that way until they ended up inducing me at 40 weeks (because of high blood pressure).  There's just no real way to predict when labor will start and how quickly it will progress!
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