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Early sonogram, measuring behind

Hi all.  Trying to hear some positive experiences or stories.  Just went for my first sonogram.  I am 6W4d, however baby was measuring 6w1d with a HR of 114.  Dr wants me back in 2 weeks.

Re: Early sonogram, measuring behind

  • I don't think that's even considered measuring behind. Do you know for sure which day your embryo implanted (really only possible with IVF)? If not, it's entirely possible your dates are off, which is the first thing doctors assume, and the purpose of measuring is to get an accurate date. There's also a margin of error due to trying to measure a tiny moving human, it's natural for you to even get different dates on different ultrasounds or with different sonographers. I did know for sure, and measured about a week behind at first, then about 3 days behind at other early scans and no doctors had even the slightest concern. 
  • Thanks for responding! I am sure of my LMP. 28 day regular cycle just wasn’t checking ovulation.  I had a previous second trimester loss so I’m nervous about everything now.  The dr said he prefers the heart rate to be higher, but from what I’m reading this is HR is normal so early.
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  • I just had my dating ultrasound and it was a whole week and 2 days off from what I thought based on my LMP. I was shocked and asked if everything was ok since we heard the heartbeat. The doctor didn’t seem concerned and said it was normal to measure different than the due date you expected at the first appointment.
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