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I’m not sure if I sound crazy but there was an article on this app saying to start looking into daycares asap to avoid the waitlist problem. I feel like these daycare facilities are going to laugh at me when I tell them I am just 14 weeks. Has anyone else started to look for daycares yet?

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    Probably depends on where you live and the specific childcare. I'm in BC, Canada, and we were on two waiting lists for care (not even planning to start until Feb 2025) by week 10. That said, there were other childcare options we looked at that require your baby to actually be born before they'll add you to any waitlist.
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    That’s definitely true is some areas. I live in a smaller town so it’s not as much of an issue here. I would just call some around you and see what timeline they recommended for registering. 
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    I think it is highly dependent on where you live. With DD1 I was on a list and paid a deposit around 20 weeks for full time care.

    Now I have an entirely different issue, there just isn't infant daycare available at all! Thank goodness my job is flexible and my mom lives next door!
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    @farm_mama That's our problem! Even if I could afford it, there is literally nothing here for childcare below preschool. I'd have to drive an hour for daycare 😅
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    Definitely dependent on area. My SIL had my niece Jan 2023 and got on a waitlist in July 2022. She didn’t get a spot until May 2023. My neighbors never got a spot before they went back to work, that’s how I ended up watching their son for a year and a half. Childcare here is wild. 
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    We went early to tour daycares. I don't remember what week I was on. Hold on maybe I can math backwards. 37 WK was first week of June and we did daycare tours before we were sent home for covid and that was March 2020... I guess I was around 21-23 weeks but still. I would go ahead and look now because it is really scarce in some places 
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    Yup! Just emailed some daycares to arrange a tour and hopefully be put on a waitlist ASAP for Feb 2025 care. (I'm currently 16 weeks) I think it's a common thing to do so don't worry. 😊
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