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Is This Normal??

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I’m 5 weeks pregnant and concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. I have a dull ache in my lower abdomen (right where my ovaries are) pretty much all day long, and I have a constant pressure on my left ovary (almost like someone has stuck their finger there and won’t move it). It’s a little painful/uncomfortable to have that pressure on my left ovary. I wouldn’t say it’s severe, but it definitely bothers me. I don’t know if that’s the pain people talk about when they say an ectopic pregnancy causes cramping on one side. Does anyone have any insight? 

Re: Is This Normal??

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    I have been having a very similar pressure/pain/discomfort in my left side as well. I am 5 weeks. I was worried about ectopic too. I went in yesterday and they did an ultrasound and it’s not ectopic. The gestational sac is in my uterus. Remember that ectopic pregnancies only occur in 1-2% of all pregnancies. Hope this helps but it may be best to get evaluated to give you peace of mind ❤️
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    Thank you so much for this information!! 
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