1st Trimester


I'm confused and scared. Yesterday I had my 8 week appointment. Due to light spotting they had me go for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound I measured 6wks and 4 days with no heartbeat detected. 
When I do the math based off of my ovulation date 6 weeks makes sense! My hgc levels were over 10k I go back tomorrow for more bloodwork to find out for sure. 
Would you go off of your last period or ovulation? (I get severe ovulation pain so I'm certain when I ovulate) 

Re: Worried

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    Unfortunately it’s hard to tell if you don’t have another hcg level to compare to. I get the same pains when I ovulate so I know exactly what you’re talking about. And because everyone’s cycle details can vary, I personally would go off of ovulation date. Which could mean it might be a tad early to see heartbeat. Good luck and I hope your HCG is on the rise 🤞🏼
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