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Advice on finding a dr / first visit?

Hi, first timer here as will become obvious. I got my positive test on Friday night, called Monday morning to book an appointment. I don’t have an existing gyno (long story) but months ago researched and found an OBGYN with office in my neighborhood, admits at the nearest hospital, taking new patients, in network.

I called, said I’m a new patient, I’m pregnant, and want to schedule my first visit. The receptionist asks if I want a pregnancy confirmation or a prenatal visit, and uhhh??? I asked if they could be the same visit and she said no, and explained that the pregnancy confirmation is usually 2 weeks after missed period. Also, the OB I had picked out doesn’t have an appointment at the office near me until the end of October, at which point I’d be 12 weeks!! I asked when they usually schedule first prenatal visit (I’ve heard 8 weeks?) and receptionist said as she is not a medical provider she can’t give advice. I panicked and asked for the first appointment with ANY provider at the office near me, so now I have a prenatal appt with a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in obstetrics, 2 weeks from now when I’ll be7 weeks. (The original OB did have an opening at a different location in early October when I’d be 9 weeks.)

Help! When are you actually supposed to have your first prenatal visit? Do I actually need a “pregnancy confirmation” appt? How the heck are you supposed to make an appointment if you missed the boat on having an established relationship with a dr before you get pregnant? Can a NP act as my primary doctor all the way to delivery, or am I also still going to have to find an OBGYN in their practice? I clearly don’t know what the F I am doing here. Sorry for the long post, and if you’ve made it this far thank you for reading my manifesto of panic.

Re: Advice on finding a dr / first visit?

  • Every practice is different. I think what you have going on is fine right now! But be aware that if they offer to do an ultrasound at your first appt that unless there is a medical necessity for another before your anatomy scan, insurance only usually pays for 1. I’ll say what my experience was for my first and how It’s different this time.
    For my first it was early 2020 (right before Covid) and I was in a different state. They booked my first appt at 7 weeks. It was with a midwife & they did blood work & a scan. FF to 12 weeks (my second appt) I had a regular appt and an ultrasound . However I did not know about the insurance thing and had to pay for a portion of that ultrasound OOP. 

    This time, I called a provider I’ve never been to before. I have a video appt next week (8 weeks) and another one the week after (9 weeks) I think the first one is just medical history with a nurse. I am not being seen in person until 12 weeks where I’ll get my first scan and chat with a doctor about results & get blood work/genetic test. 

    Just make sure you’re aware of what is covered (tests/scans/blood work).
  • My first appt at my practice is with a nurse at 8-9 weeks. I also get an ultrasound then. My practice doesn’t do an NT scan (12 week ultrasound), but I’ll get NIPT done around 10-11 weeks and I’ll see my ob for the first time at 12 weeks.

    The receptionist should know the schedule, so side eye there. But I think what you have set up is fine. My guess is it’s fine to see an NP regularly throughout pregnancy (midwives are nurses, after all, and people see them exclusively)—most pregnancies really are quite smooth. If she has concerns maybe she will switch you to an OB. 
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