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Registry and Getting Baby Stuff

I've been so nervous to get anything for baby yet, but my grandparents got me a car seat and suggested I take deals where I can get them. I decided it's time! My husband is also getting nervous and wants the house ready before I get much further along. He wants to make sure we have time to find last minute safety issues before baby arrives. He's excited I picked up a few baby things too. And I'm working on our registry. We've changed our minds a few times on things and compromised on registry items. Is anybody else at this point, or have you been getting it all together since day 1?

Re: Registry and Getting Baby Stuff

  • I didn't start really getting anything for my first until I was in the second trimester. We just moved him into his new bedroom to make room for the bebe this past weekend so that's probably the biggest change. I have been putting off anything else until we do the anatomy scan so I can confirm for myself that everything is okay
  • I just started looking at the bigger ticket items (travel systems, cribs) and it is all so overwhelming. There are too many choices! My SIL made a good point over the weekend, though- we have the luck of benefitting from Black Friday sales since we're due late winter/early spring, so I will be waiting until then to pull the trigger on those more expensive things!
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  • We didn’t finish the nursery for my 1st until like 5 days before he was born. And then he actually stayed in the room with us in a pack n play until he was 6 or 7 months old. 

    This is going to be our 3rd and they have all been boys so I have a lot of the stuff that what we will use already, but we do need a new crib and other nursery furniture, and a pack n play. I got a new infant seat when buy buy baby was going out of business. We have a two story house now so I think that we will end up getting doubles of a few things to avoid having to constantly go back up and down stairs. 

    For anyone planning to breastfeed that doesnt know this yet, you can use the company aeroflow to handle everything to get your breast pump through your insurance. It’s super easy. 
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  • @ceclarlinetlo that is so good to know about the pack n play strategy! I think we're going that route, as well. It's a bit too snug in our room for the crib, and a playard seems like a worthwhile investment.

    I've actually been collecting things (e.g. clothes, diapers, blankets, towels, etc) for months when I see someone on marketplace giving something away or selling for a good price. It helps we're in an area with a ton of young, relatively well-off, families, so there seems to be a constant stream of stuff people are trying to get rid of. We did start a Babylist registry for a few items, but mostly plan to get things used. The car seat is the one thing we've really been agonising over, mostly becuase we don't have a car and therefore want it to be a good long-term investment.
  • We went into this pregnancy feeling so good because we had everything we could possibly need..... and then we found out it's twins 🤪🤦‍♀️ So I've been deep down the rabbit holes of twin stuff, and making registries etc. I did just get my Amazon registry freebie box, and figured I'd share a pic so you guys can see what comes in it. Anyone else get freebies from anywhere?

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  • @hedgepig Ooh, thanks for posting this. I will use all the things in the Amazon box. (Also I couldn't remember the name CeraVe but I wanted to add it to my registry so this has been extra helpful)
  • BabyList and Amazon have good free baby gifts. And if anyone has a PreggoExpo coming near them soon, the VIP ticket is $100 but includes some really nice gift items including a Ceres Chill!
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    If you're in the process of building your baby registry, I recommend downloading this free baby registry checklist. It's pretty comprehensive so while you may not add everything on here, its a great list for checking out options and making sure you have everything for that first year.
  • @lilmamabat I was nervous to start thinking about what I might need for this baby until I saw her a few times on ultrasound. I’m feeling much better now that we’re getting to 2nd tri. I started an Amazon registry mostly for myself to keep track of what I might need and I like having the completion discount for any big items we need. I knew we would need a new car seat and a swing. Mine from DS1 did not survive both my boys plus 2 nephews in 4 years. I feel like it gets easier with each kid because you reuse so much. 

    @mb928 Black Friday will be great for some of those big ticket items and post Christmas sales are usually pretty good too. 

    picture of my first baby purchase when we found out we’re having a girl. Thought she might like something aside from big brother hand-me-downs lol. 
  • Well since we found out what we’re having, I already finished my registry. I want to spend the next couple of months just focusing on my toddler (g). Although I’m sad we won’t get to reuse her bows and cute outfits again 😔
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