Pregnant after a Loss

Guilt and fear fuelled by other people?

I've had 4 mc and currently in the 2nd trimester with my first healthy pregnancy. Someone I know was due the same time as me and miscarried. She always brings up my baby but becomes hostile for hours after, but keeps bringing it up. I am trying to be nice and pretend not to see it. But every time this happens, I remember that she is grieving. Because of this, I am now reminded every time I see her that I am also grieving the baby I loss less than a month before becoming pregnant with this baby. I bottle up my feelings of sadness and guilt that I'm grieving when I should be happy, happy when I should be grieving. The bottle gets fuller every time I see this person who I know feels what I feel at least in some way. And I don't know how to handle these feelings. I have all these feelings and fears. I've been afraid to prepare for my baby, bc I'm afraid one day they'll be gone. I can't be the only one. How do other people deal with this? Does anyone else feel like other people accidentally add fuel to the fire? And how can I stop it and get through/past this?
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