Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Possible miscarriage or do I still have a chance?

Hello everyone, I found out I was pregnant on August 27th (lmp was July 31st, I was about 4 weeks). On August 28th I began bleeding, not heavy but not spotting and on August 29th I had an appointment due to the bleeding. At the appointment I had my first HCG draw due to pregnancy test at the dr being negative. My Hcg came out at 33 ( I thought this was very low), On September 3rd I went into the obgyn er due to the bleeding and mild cramping, they tested my Hcg and it went up to 355 but they said my Hcg was too low to see anything on ultrasound that they think it’s a possibility of miscarriage. On September 4th I took a fall tripping over my dog, I do not recall hitting my stomach and pretty sure I caught myself but later that evening I started with a pain in my right side down along my hip, the top of my hip radiating into my back and down my leg, this pain was so intense that I couldn’t walk, lay down or sit up. I ended up going to the er because I felt as if it was ectopic and my tube ruptured . Again they said it was too early to see anything and my Hcg was too low, it had went up only to 375, dr said because it had only been 24 hours it wouldn’t have double yet. On Tuesday the 5th I had a follow up with my ob, she did internal and nothing was showing except for a “bubble of fluid in my uterus “. My ob stated she things it is blood and the bubble is leaking and that’s why I’m bleeding. She decided to check my Hcg again and progesterone, Wednesday I received my results and my Hcg went down to 345 and progesterone was at a 3.5. Today I started getting small clots and I’m still bleeding but most of it is when I urinate and wipe. I follow up again tomorrow and have not spoke to my dr about my results yet. Is this the start of miscarriage or could this possibly be ectopic. I’ve only had 2 other pregnancies that were successful and never experienced any type of bleeding or possible miscarriage. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I feel so lost and so angry at my body. All I want to do is just hold my baby and I have this put in the bottom of my stomach that is telling me there’s absolutely no chance. 😢

Re: Possible miscarriage or do I still have a chance?

  • Update: I tested Friday (9/8) my levels fell to 174. I may have already passed the egg and didn’t know but it didn’t grow so there was no way of me knowing. I never thought I could feel so empty. 
  • I feel you… I had a D and C yesterday and I just can t describe how empty I feel… I had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. It s har but we need to be strong cause our next baby needs us to be in good physical in mental health to be conceived… take your time to heal, I will take my time I ll not rush into anything. The priority is feeling better physically and mentally now.
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