Trying to Get Pregnant

Hello! Introducing myself

Hi! Been lurking for a few months, but decided to finally make an account. So glad this community exists.

My husband (36/m) and I (37/f) have been TTC since April. Due to some performance anxiety issues on his end, we just tried a natural IUI in my last cycle, which unfortunately led to a BFN. We will be trying another natural IUI this cycle. Based on bloodwork, sperm analysis, and testing everything points to us being able to do this naturally, however my doctor has put a medicated IUI on the table if we are not pregnant by EOY just given my age.

I am struggling a lot with the month after month let down and feel discouraged. I am taking pre-natals as well as synthroid (my levels weren't above range, but my doctor wanted to keep this under control). I have not drank since May, I exercise regularly and eat well. I have never been pregnant.

Any advice, anecdotes, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, but overall just saying hi and that I will keep you all posted as I go through my next cycle.

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