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Early test but now bleeding

Hi everyone, I found out extremely early (4 weeks) that I am pregnant. This will be my 3rd pregnancy. I found out this past Sunday (August 27th), I started bleeding on the 28th. Wasn’t heavy but it wasn’t spotting. Went to see my dr on Tuesday the 29th, it was too early to see anything on ultrasound so I had labs done on Wednesday and HCG was 33. I was bleeding in until yesterday (Friday) and then started spotting a tiny bit today. Went to emergency obgyn, but again said it was too early to see anything. Tested HCG again and it was at 355. I feel like the numbers are low and I am internally freaking out. Has anyone had low levels and bleeding and had a healthy pregnancy? I’ve never experienced this before.

Re: Early test but now bleeding

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    The raw numbers don't really matter. The doubling time does. You want to see your numbers double about every 48 hours or so, you worry if it takes more than 72 hours or so. Yours are doubling every 28 hours if I have your dates right, so that's progressing as it should- your HCG isn't a cause for concern. Bleeding can be normal, too. I'd be concerned if there's significant cramping with the bleeding. Otherwise, take a deep breath and try not to worry. You just have to wait it out to get more info, but you don't need to freak out yet. I had two instances of bleeding in my first trimester of my successful pregnancy, one was spotting, the other heavy, only mild cramping, and I have an 8 month old baby now. 
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    Thank you! I really appreciate this reply! I think I truly needed someone who has went through it to tell me it’ll be okay .
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