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10 wks and rejecting boob

FTM and my LO is 10 weeks and used to nurse 10 min on each side, totaling 20 min. For the last 2 days, she’ll be max 6 min on 1 boob and not even interested to go onto the second boob. I’m worried she’s going hungry but I’ve been told to not look at the time and that she’d get more efficient with feeding as she gets older. But is this efficient eating or she’s rejecting my boob and I should start to bottle feed instead? We’ve tried bottle and sometimes she takes it but other times she doesn’t. We’re not scheduled for another pedi apptmt until 16 wks, that’s too far out to potentially find out she’s not gaining enough weight etc. help!!

Re: 10 wks and rejecting boob

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    Another FTM here! I actually had this same question at our 2 month wellness check. They told me the same thing - that the baby is just getting more efficient at getting milk out. How many dirty diapers does your baby have in a 24 hour period? This is a good indicator if they are getting enough. I have also tried BF in an area with minimal distractions for the baby i.e no harsh lights or sounds. This has worked well for us. Sending best wishes to you on this journey!
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