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Relationship/Stretch mark issue

Hi there,
I have a 5 year old daughter from a previous relationship. When I was breastfeeding in my previous pregnancy, I developed a few stretch marks on one of my breasts. They have faded and are barely noticeable in most lights and have never bothered me.
I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my partner of 4 years. He saw me naked yesterday. (Although he’s seen me naked many many times so it’s nothing new)
He had an uncomfortable look on his face, almost disgusted as he looked at my breast and said ‘Oh, you’re getting stretch marks already’.
In the moment I felt quite embarrassed and didn’t react but it’s taken me a day to reflect.
I feel upset and hurt by this comment but I’m not sure if I’m being irrational and overthinking.
Do you feel I have a right to be upset? Would you be upset too? I’m not sure

Re: Relationship/Stretch mark issue

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    You need to discuss your feelings with your partner. Perhaps he didn’t mean it the way you took it but you will not know unless you discuss and work through it. You have the right to be upset if it made you feel upset, but perhaps he didn’t intend it to be that way and it was just an observation? No one outside of your relationship can tell you.
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    What Meggy said, my husband unintentionally made me feel “undesirable” during this pregnancy and after I felt all of my feelings I addressed it with him. Of course he felt terrible that he hurt my feelings and has been super intentional about his wording since then AND it gave him an opportunity to talk about the impact seeing me so sick and uncomfortable has on him and knowing that he can’t do much to make me feel better. Our partners are human and on this journey with us but it’s important that you’re discussing how you’re feeling with him.
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    @sunflowertea4 I'd be upset too, that's very insensitive. Do discuss it with him so he knows it's not welcome. Then with my previous pregnancies I've learned that stretch marks are easier to treat during pregnancy, so make a cocktail of strechmark creams and clear that skin..keeping in mind your skin sensitivities. Enjoy mom 😃
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