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Pregnancy symptoms disappeared

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Hello I have a question lately I’ve experienced few pregnancy symptoms like headaches and really really sore breast and yesterday was supposed to be my period day but since I wasn’t feeling any pain I knew that they were not coming and decided to take a test which turned out positive .
But ever since this morning idk my breast went back to normal and I don’t have any symptoms so wanted to know if that was normal or no .
( being on holidays can’t see my doctor until next week )

Re: Pregnancy symptoms disappeared

  • It's hard to say honestly. I went through a similar situation where I felt pregnant and then a random day I didn't feel pregnant and the next I did. I believe it was just my mind playing games with me thinking I'm no longer pregnant because I'm worried about losing the baby. So in my mind I think I lost the baby and I can't feel symptoms anymore even though I haven't had any signs of miscarriage. I retook a pregnancy test a few weeks later (because you can still get a positive test after a miscarriage up to 2 weeks after losing the baby) after thinking I lost symptoms and it still came back positive, quicker than when I first took the test which means my body is producing more Hcg. But unfortunately there's no way to tell for certain until you have your ultrasound and either see or hear that heartbeat. Try not to worry (Easier said than done I know) and just think positive :)
  • Pregnancy symptoms come and go.  If you are not bleeding and/or having severe cramping you are fine
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  • I am currently experiencing this as well at 5 weeks. I was having several symptoms but for the past couple days there has been anything noticeable. I do have an Angel baby so I am very scared this one will also be an Angel baby or an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Yes I experienced the same at 8 weeks. I started to feel pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks and they tapered off suddenly at 8 weeks and I was almost certain that something was wrong but I went to my 9 week and 5 day ultra sound and the twins were still there growing and moving! I just have no pregnancy symptoms and the doctor says that I’m one of the “lucky ones” who has an easier pregnancy with no symptoms. As long as your not cramping or bleeding just keep praying and you’ll be fine! Best wishes!
  • Hi, any updates?? Hope everything is going well :) i am approaching 7 wks and experiencing the same thing. My ultrasound isnt for another few weeks.
  • 11 weeks here! My main symptoms are severe breast tenderness and fatigue. My breasts will stop hurting for a few days and then right back to being painful. It’s come and gone in waves several times now and I’ve come to enjoy the waves where they don’t hurt. I hope this helps! 
  • 8 weeks here and suddenly my morning sickness stopped.  I got anxious but my doctor friends said it's okay and there is no point in worrying until my ultrasound on Friday.  Praying the ultrasound goes well.
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