Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Two chemicals in a row… is there hope?

Hi - 

I was pregnant In March of ‘23 which was a chemical that ended at 5 weeks. My hcg did not rise above 28.6. I fell pregnant this month. Found out 7 days ago. Got my hcg result back and it’s only 20.4. My progesterone is 4. I started spotting today and I’m headed for a second chemical. 

What should my next step be? I have no issue getting pregnant (it’s happened the first try both times).. I just don’t stay pregnant. I feel so lost.

Re: Two chemicals in a row… is there hope?

  • I don't know much in this world. MC at 5+4 for me and likely chemical because no Gestational sac was seen on US. Can you talk to your dr about early draws to check progesterone level and start a suppliment?

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