1st Trimester

New pregnancy

o:) I just found out I’m about 7weeks and I couldn’t be more excited to carry. I’ve experienced a miscarriage a couple years ago which lead me to believe something was wrong with me, I couldn’t conceive. This was life changing for me, so I changed my diet and recreational activities. After taking a couple test after my missed period I was elated to find out I was pregnant. Yay!! Overjoyed I held the news to myself for a couple days. Unfortunately, a few days later I started to bleed. Immediately I thought to myself I’m miscarrying again. I rushed to the hospital to check on myself and make sure I’m still carrying the newly developing baby. ER treated me for a threaded miscarriage and sent me home. I bleed heavily for about 4 days with clots and all. However, I’m still pregnant and now about 7 weeks and counting. I’m still experiencing light random spotting. The Dr confirmed everything is fine. Just wanted to share my experience and give hope to someone trying to conceive after a miscarriage.
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