Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


I'm still a young girl at 20 nd still attending high sch I was confirmed pregnant last Thursday thinking I had malaria I was really shocked cos I used postinor after sex I went for anoda test jd was still confirmed positive I've been really scared nd don't knw what to do cos I don't want to drop out and my parents too mustn't knw I'm scared they might be disappointed or disown me especially my dad some friends advised me to use drug while some advised me to use lime some says I shouldn't that it's going to be painful nd my doc told me to wait till 2 weeks wen d bby is 1 month b4 doing anything someone asked me to go for d&c cos it isn't painful but I've been worried of not having injuries or anything afterwards I've been having sleepless night too the guy that owns the pregnancy is insisting I use drug nd I don't wanna make a decision I would regret I'm really scared nd don't knw what to do

Re: D&c

  • Sending you a lot of love. It s your decision and take your time, no one is more important than you in this moment nor your parents or your boy friend. A miscarriage is not an easy thing ! I just had a missed miscarriage yesterday (a planned baby) …I did a D and C , it was not easy and now I am feeling so empty. I am 39 and I don t know if I ll have a chance to conceive again. The life you have in you is very precious. Be brave and confront everybody if you decide to keep it.
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