2nd Trimester

Growth concern

Hello I am 24+2 and had an appt today. My dr measured my belly and then said we need to do a growth follow up in 4 weeks. I looked at my chart and in the notes it says ‘ultrasound for size greater than dates’ and ‘size of fetus inconsistent with dates in third trimester, and 24 weeks gestation’ should I have any concerns? I didn’t have this with my first. Thanks

Re: Growth concern

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    Hii I’m currently 24 weeks and was told the same thing by doctors about baby girls growth , it’s very scary but I’ve been under 105 pounds my whole life and I’m only 5’1 . You are not alone and I wouldn’t stress to much I heard it’s common for smaller women to have small babies !
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    Hi! My doc recently said something similar to me! She said “you’re baby is measuring quite large. 84th percentile and your belly is measuring ahead too.” She said if the trend continues, they’ll do growth measurements every four weeks and possibly change my due date. She said induction is likely too. But she was very good to reassure me that it’s nothing too concerning and that I shouldn’t stress about it. Plus, I guess doctors get stuff like this wrong all the time because ultrasounds are notoriously wrong for guessing weight 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I wouldn’t worry too much and just trust that your dr is doing everything they can to make sure you and baby stay as healthy and safe as possible. 
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