3rd Trimester

Knee pain

34 weeks with third child. I have had knee issues since middle school when I ran sprints for my school track team. Just this week I’ve woken up with knee pain that radiates from my knees. The pain continues all day long. Nothing is helping. I’ve tired ice, heat, and lotion for muscles/tendons. Should I be worried or do I chalk this up to the heaviness of baby taking a toll on my already tired knees? 

Re: Knee pain

  • swoffswoff member
    Certainly the pregnancy (weight + relaxin hormone) is related. When you ask if you should be worried, is there anything you're specifically concerned about?

    Anyway, my sympathies! These untreatable physical discomforts are getting to me too. Definitely tell your doctor but it may just be one of those "it won't get better until baby is born" things. 
  • Thanks for your reply! These pains this go round are immense! 

    I’ve struggled in this pregnancy with new issues. Like, never sick with my first two, and I’ve been constantly sick this time. Or contractions starting at the end of first trimester. Those are just two examples, but there’s A LOT! I’ve also had more stress in my life in the last 4 months than I’ve ever had. So everytime I get a new pain that seems consistent, I get concerned. My sister had HELLP with her first pregnancy. So I have to be aware of swelling and blood pressure and chest pains. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something. 
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  • swoffswoff member
    Ah gotcha! I am not sure but hopefully your doctor can give you some guidance about which symptoms to be more concerned about should they arise. The fact that your knee has hurt before due to stress injury makes me less concerned that there's something more serious going on but I'm definitely no expert. Good luck!
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