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Painful miscarriage and MVA

Anyone else experience lots of pain during miscarriage? I was in tears doubled over what felt like the the worst cramps of my life after 2 days of light spotting and mild cramps. I started feeling light headed and almost went to the ER but was able to make it till my doctors office opened. He found that I had passed the bulk of the miscarriage naturally but it was incomplete since some material remain in my uterus. So he gave me three options: 1, let the rest past naturally; 2, take a pill which might not work or; 3, do a manual vacuum aspiration or MVA under local anesthesia and pain pills. He said he can do the MVA right away and will take 5-10 mins. I opted for the MVA to avoid having to wait any longer. However, the 5 minutes that the procedure took were so painful I was in tears. It felt like I could feel everything, not just cramping. I’m not saying this to scare anyone but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced an awake MVA or D&C with pain? A lot of experiences I’m reading say it’s not that bad so I’m wondering if mine wasn’t preformed right or if I just have an extremely low pain tolerance. The doctor didn’t really warn me about that amount of pain but he said ever woman is different. After the procedure was done I’ve had zero pain or cramping. Just bleeding which the doctor told me would last a few days. Again, has anyone else experienced a painful miscarriage and/or MVA/D&C under local anesthesia? Thank you!

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  • Sorry for your loss and all the pain.  I have a lower pain tolerance as well.  My D&C was performed under anesthesia.  However, I had an IUD in for the past few years, and was warned about the amount of bleeding I'd experience, but NO one told me about the intense pain and cramping I'd feel!  It was Sooooooo bad I almost took a knife to my uterus and walked into an ER.  Other people looked at me like I was absolutely insane for complaining about the pain because they felt "almost nothing."  So, I'd say it doesn't mean your procedure was done incorrectly.  It could just be your pain tolerance, or HOW/WHERE you experience pain.

    I know that MC varies from person to person, but depending on how far along you were, the worse it can be cramp/pain-wise.  Some later MCs have been equated to the pain of giving birth!  So it may not just be you, just one of those things where you experienced the pain in that area, for that procedure, more than others usually do.
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  • Thank you for responding and for your condolences. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with such a low pain tolerance. I guess everyone is different.

    As for the pain being like labor, I wasn’t sure if I could say that since Iv’e never been in labor. I was 10 weeks but the baby never grew more than 8 weeks in size. So, it could’ve been a missed MC. That might’ve contributed to my body going into a labor of sorts? But yeah if I were to guess it felt like labor.

    I agree, I think the MVA was preformed ok since I don’t have any complications as of now. No fever, no cramping, etc. I’m going next week for a follow up so that should reassure me.

    Another ask, I haven’t read much in this forum about others having MVAs. So if anyone is out there that is willing to tell their MVA experience that would be helpful.
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