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COVID and pregnancy

So I guess I am the one to create this discussion, ugh. My husband tested positive for COVID on Saturday morning. He thinks he was exposed on Wednesday at work. He is symptomatic (which is why he tested). He has been masking at home and mostly isolating in one room. 
So far, I have not tested positive and am not experiencing any symptoms. My daughter also seems fine - energetic, good appetite,and sleeping well. 
I have all these questions that I doubt anyone can actually answer... like, how likely is it that I won't get COVID? How do I deal with having COVID while pregnant if I end up getting it? What are the risks to the baby? 
I am freaking out a little,  honestly. Anyone have experiences with this?

Re: COVID and pregnancy

  • I am sorry to hear I understand the stress related to this! I had covid at 22 weeks pregnant, I had mild symptoms , no fever. I freaked out but my OB wasn't as concerned w covid as they would have been with the flu or stomach flu (which I also had!). I had an extra growth ultrasound at 28 weeks to ensure baby was ok and all was good...I masked and isolated best I could from my husband and two year old and they never got it. Delivered a healthy baby at 40 weeks and no complications from covid! They did say they can't speak to long term effects but the pediatrician didn't seem concerned either. Hope you stay healthy !
  • Update: my daughter definitely has it. She has been sleeping on and off since yesterday afternoon. She can't seem to stay awake for more than 1.5 hours and she is very mommy clingy. She has a runny nose but no cough. Still interested in eating at least a little. 

    I have a scratchy throat and a headache but just tested negative again. Baby is definitely moving in there so that makes me feel better. 
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  • linh18linh18 member
    I've tested positive twice while pregnant. Once with my first baby at around 25 weeks and then again with this pregnancy at 22 weeks. The first time was the worst but thankfully I never really got much of a fever, just exhaustion, and cold-like symptoms, scratchy throat, headache and some muscle pains. My first was totally fine and so far the second baby is on track growth wise as well. My midwife told me to focus on staying hydrated, rested as much as possible, and to manage any fever with Tylenol. Hope this helps to relieve a bit of your stress! It's not fun being sick at the best of times, let alone during pregnancy. 
  • Yeah I tested positive yesterday and definitely have it. Sounds like my experience is similar to yours,  @linh18 (thanks for sharing your thoughts. It does help to hear!)
    My daughter seemed to bounce back quickly. Yesterday she was playing and laughing like normal. Hopefully my recovery is just as swift! 
  • AmMcc12AmMcc12 member
    How is everyone feeling?
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • @AmMcc12 Thanks for checking in! Things were rough for about two days but I seemed to get better quickly. Tested negative Saturday. I still feel a little stuffy and tired (but is that just from pregnancy??). My kiddo is definitely sleeping more (but hey, I won't complain about 12 hour night sleeps!). My husband got the worst of it somehow but is also doing better. It definitely seems like our symptoms were generally less severe than the 2020 version of covid. 🙏
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