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Deciding to travel or not- need advice!

I am supposed to go to my husbands family cabin in Canada (I’m in America) when I am 24 weeks. 2 flights, and a 2 hour car ride to get there. We will be somewhat remote- 1 hour from a doc/hospital. I know it is perfectly safe to travel at this point, but I am so anxious about it. I think about this trip daily. I want to go, but I know I’ll be anxious the whole time about the possibility of something bad happening and being so far from home. Worst case scenario type things. My insurance does not cover out of the country so that is on my mind as well. I know I am being ridiculous, but it’s just how I feel, I just don’t feel comfortable with any of it. Do I suck it up? Or do I stay put at home? To make it more stressful- my husbands family is NOT understanding of how I feel. Thanks so much for any input!

Re: Deciding to travel or not- need advice!

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    It is completely safe and if you don’t have any high risk issues I would say go for it. But if you are that nervous and it doesn’t feel right go with your gut. 

    When I feel iffy about a situation and I know it seems totally ridiculous there is usually some reason for it and I find out later on.

    Done let them make you feel guilty about something that will have you stressed to the max the whole time. The stress just isn’t worth it. 
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    Is this a decision you could make closer to the actual travel date? Maybe buy refundable tickets.
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    Wrote this on the 3rd trimester post but - in case anyone else is here for the replies:

    You don't want to make yourself crazy, but the reality is you should be totally fine if you're reasonably healthy. 
    I don't think flying or the car ride alone would make you so "ridiculious" so - Do you have any other ideas of what might really be bothering you?  Could the idea of being around his family be stressing you out?
    For my part, being around my or my hubby's family right now is just driving me nuts - I find them all annoying, nit-picky, etc.  Things are bothering me to a level I am not used to, so that might be a part of it?

    Ultimately - you need to figure out what is *actually* bothering you the most about the trip (maybe part of it is the fact you DONT feel supported by your hubby's family already - and it will only feel worse to be with them)?

    You really just have to do what is best for you either way. Ppl are selfish, unfortunately, and not many can empathize with our craziness it seems. 
    If anyone *deserves* to be 'selfish' right now, though - it's you.
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    Agree with the other posters, you're almost certainly fine to travel at this stage, but if you're going to feel super anxious the whole time then maybe skip.

    As for health insurance - I traveled out of the country at week 22 and got travel insurance. I didn't need it, thankfully, but it gave me peace of mind!
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    I am traveling a lot during my pregnancy and I encourage you to do exactly what you want to do and what makes you least anxious.
    I agree, maybe consider if the issue is more so the family and not the traveling itself.
    Also, decide how you will spend your time on the trip and stick to that. Will you be sitting down relaxing or helping with things and doing more than you should? I’m about to fly to Italy and I decided I’m not lifting a finger (very unusual for me lol) but it’s going to make our trip enjoyable and remove anxiety about something unusual or unexpected happening.

    Regardless, this is one of those decisions you get to just consider yourself and your baby, not the extended family or outside pressures. Whatever you choose is the best choice!
    If you want to go, I encourage you to make your plan and go! Have a beautiful time and remember you are doing the most amazing job 24 hours a day!
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