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Day/Night Milk Confusion

I just started pumping for bottle feeding and I’m very confused as to what would count as day milk vs night milk with how irregular a schedule with a new baby can be and how artificial light confuses the circadian rhythm. For instance I’m pumping milk at 5am (dim lights on) during a feeding today and I don’t know if it counts as day/night milk since I read that melatonin peaks between 2am-4am, but cortisol is highest at 6am. What is breast milk doing between 4am and 6am then? I appreciate any insight into this so I can be less confused as to how my saved milk should be labelled. 


Re: Day/Night Milk Confusion

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    Hey there! I mean this in the most supportive way, I definitely think you are over thinking things. Im on baby number 3 and have never paid much attention to the milk and the timing. 

    I personally have always breastfed on demand. Since you are pumping the good rule of thumb is 2-3 hours and 15-20 min on each breast. Your little one will eat that often for the next few months with longer stretches in the night as he gets a little better at sleeping during bed time. 

    When I pumped and saved my milk, I started by defrosting a bag of stored milk, and feeding my baby the bottle and then pumping out my milk at that same time, then using that milk for the next feeding. If he slept through the feeding time, I just froze the milk and then pumped again in 2-3 hours and fed that milk. If that makes sense.

    Dont over think it too much, your body will let you know and so will your baby! Good luck!
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