October 2023 Moms

High-Risk Check-in 07/04

This is a check-in for all high risk pregnancies. 

Due date/W+D: 

Why are you high risk?

Any new appointments?



Re: High-Risk Check-in 07/04

  • mimsermimser member
    Due date/W+D: October 6 / 26w5d

    Why are you high risk? Suspected cervical insufficiency, rare platelets / platelet alloimmunization

    Any new appointments? Not at this point, everything is under control

    Questions? I am currently at my diabetes test and the fasting finger prick test was 5.3 now I'm wondering if something else is not being added to my list of high risk factors 🙄

    Rants/Raves: it's hot and humid here and the room I'm doing the diabetes in doesn't have AC 🙄
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