CD12 -13mm follicle and E2 of 325 RE triggered me next night-is this normal??

mrstownsenddmrstownsendd member
edited July 2 in Infertility
Hey! I'm on my 3rd IUI cycle and 4DPiui, fingers crossed  🤞. 
So,... my CD12 scan showed one dominant follicle at 13mm and a few smaller ones, lining was good, and my E2 was 325. Initially before looking at the bloodwork the nurse said my follicle wasn't ready yet, but when my bloodwork came in they had me OPK test and do the trigger shot the night I got a positive, which was the next night and I went in for the IUI procedure the following morning. 

 I guess I'm still confused, lol, because my follicle size wasn't big enough to be considered mature but my estradiol level indicated that it was and my LH did start to surge the next day. 

Has anyone had a similar scenario or any insight?
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