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Quiet and Holiday Plans

This board is so quiet! I fell off the planet when my dog was getting sick and having to feed him plus take care of two kids, etc. But when I came back, it still seems pretty quiet.

Is anyone doing anything fun for the fourth?
Is everyone from America?

Does anyone know their baby gender yet? we are close to NIPT results timing and was curious!

Re: Quiet and Holiday Plans

  • I know! This is the quietest BMB I’ve ever seen!!  I hope things have settled down for you! 

    We’re hanging out with family and headed to the pool! 

    I had my NT scan this week and my NIPT drawn. I’m obsessively checking my portal but think it’ll be a few more days til the results come back! 
  • pharmd93pharmd93 member
    Yeah way quieter than my July ‘21 board was. I’ve been really bad about finding time to jump on and participate between work and my toddler. 

    I’m working all weekend and the 4th but then we’re heading to Denver for a wedding the following weekend! First time flying with my son so nervous about it. 

    We’re going to be team green so no big gender reveals until January for us!
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