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Pink spotting?

Hi! I am 15w4d and yesterday I had bright pink spotting when I wiped starting at 12:50. Went to the ER (rh negative) and baby was totally fine, heartbeat and was moving around normally. No issues with placenta or any free fluid. The tech didn’t measure cervical length, but she did measure the opening of my cervix which is written as 2mm. They did not find a cause for the bleed. My OB has yet to call me back. Just wondering if anything else has experienced this spotting in their second tri and how things are going? 

Re: Pink spotting?

  • lexieb98lexieb98 member
    I had spotting starting around 11 weeks and it turned out to just be my cervical tissue. I had my cervix cauterized and haven't spotted in the week since I had it done! If you have really fragile skin normally, that might be something to just have them look into. I have EDS so my skin is a disaster and then pregnancy made my already fragile cervical tissue even worse. 
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