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Weekly Check-In 6/12

EDD/Weeks + days:

Baby is the size of a(n):

Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling? 



Re: Weekly Check-In 6/12

  • 313Meg313Meg member
    Guess I’ll be the one and only! 😂

    EDD/Weeks + days: 12+some 

    Baby is the size of a(n): plum

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: don’t know 

    Upcoming appointments: just had 1st one yesterday. It went well. I’ll go to the MFM for my 20 wk scan bc baby 3’s issues and a few other things. 

    How are you feeling? Rough. Im
    so hungry. Nothing is good. I do carbs bc that’s what seems to settle. So I’m bloated and feel like crap. 

    Raves/Rants: I guess it’s my diet. I’d love a smoothie. But it makes me gaggy. I just want to eat. But I do bc I’m hungry. It’s just bread and crackers. 
    I’m also over sleep training DS. Like I hate this crap. It’s the pits. 

    Questions: nope I guess not
  • EDD/Weeks + days: Dec 21 / 12+6

    Baby is the size of a(n): plum

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: Still on team-don't-know-yet, ugh!

    Upcoming appointments: I just had my NIPT blood draw and US yesterday. Scan showed zero abnormalities, which is awesome. Unfortunately my doctor is super strict and wouldn't even let me look at the genitals area because where I live you aren't allowed to know sex until 14 weeks (next Thursday). Boo! I had even been studying the differences in case I had to figure it out myself - for naught!  :D But I'm happy everything looks good and I'm feeling quite relieved.

    How are you feeling? Much better. Still getting twinges of nausea and dizziness, but much less. My fatigue is way down (2 separate people commented that I was looking less tired this week, so apparently I looked as bad as I felt before).

    Raves/Rants: See rant above. I'm also excited we're sharing the news with the grandparents next weekend - hiding the belly is becoming an issue.

    Questions: None.
    DS#1 born 05 October 2016
    DS#2  due 25 April 2019
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  • EDD/Weeks + days: 12/31, 11wks + 3days

    Baby is the size of a(n): lime

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: don't know yet, hoping for a girl

    Upcoming appointments: June 29th 12 wk update and will do neural translucency screening

    How are you feeling? Tired, hungry, nauseous if I get empty-even with the b6 and Unisom. Boobs are so sore! I don't remember them being so sore with my first. We just got back from a trip to niagra falls and I was able to do a bunch of walking and touring but I'm more tired being at home dealing with a recovering sick toddler than I was there. 


    Questions: why am I so hungry?! I can eat a decent meal and still feel empty the next 30 min to an hour before I give in and eat again. Trying to save money by cooking at home but all I want is take out.
  • dmcg17dmcg17 member
    EDD/Weeks + days: 14w4d - 12/9

    Baby is the size of a(n): Peach

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: Team Pink 

    Upcoming appointments: Bloodwork 6/26, Anatomy Scan 7/17, trying to reschedule 8/22

    How are you feeling? Pretty good! Most of the symptoms have subsided which makes me a little anxious, but my belly kind of popped this week, so it feels like she's really in there.

    Raves/Rants: Feeling a little frustrated because I had an appointment scheduled for 8/22 but we planned our babymoon for 8/19-8/26 which is Week now my doctor's office is is giving me a hard time because apparently that appointment has to be during Week 24 even though every other appointment seems to have a range. And it's more frustrating because every time I try to schedule an appointment they have my dates wrong and I have to correct them, so of course now they have it right. 

    Questions: None at this time.
  • EDD/Weeks: I will have a planned c section at 37 weeks (due to complications with previous birth) the last week of November. I'm 13 & 1

    Baby is the size of a lemon!

    Team: team IDK. My NIPT blood test got effed up and I couldn't get any results. I have severe medical trauma, and I'm not sure I'll go back in for another blood draw. 🤷

    Upcoming appointments: end of June! And then I'll have ultrasounds every two weeks!!!

    How are you feeling: as I approach the second trimester, I'll have a couple days where I feel totally normal and then I'll have a couple days where I feel like death. 

    Raves/Rants: My blood test not coming back was really annoying. For me to have a blood draw, it is a whole ordeal. I have to start pumping myself up for it a few days in advance. I have one pesky little vein, and hardly anyone can get it. After the bloodwork, I usually have a day of panic. I am a cancer survivor, and medical things are still very difficult for me. I'm working with my therapist to prepare for my C-section, but I am not above asking to be completely knocked out 🤷.
    DX PCOS + mild male factor
    TTC since Dec. 2015
    Current Treatment: Metformin, Provera, Letrozole, Trigger, IUI
    Past Treatment: Clomid + Metformin x 3 BFN
    Letrozole 5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI = BFP!
    Beta confirmed 8/22
    EDD 5/1/17
  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/31, 11w+4d

    Baby is the size of a: strawberry!

    Team pink here!!! I will be happy blue or pink ❤️ should find out next week!

    Upcoming Appointments: 12 week appt on Monday! They haven’t said anything about a NT scan but I’d love to see our little bumblebee. Gonna do the NIPT then too and I’m stoked to find out what baby #2 is going to be! 

    How are you feeling: today and yesterday are two of the best days I’ve had in the last 12 weeks. I have been so sick this pregnancy it’s sucked. It’s made it hard for me to feel connected to this baby if I’m being honest. But I have hope that the second trimester will bring me some relief! 

    Rants/Raves: Pregnancy with a 1 yr old is SO hard. 

  • Due date buddies!!! Also the only thing I want to eat at home is fruit, other than that I want Asian food every dayyyy. Also struggling with the nausea if I don’t eat allllll the time 
  • lexieb98lexieb98 member
    EDD/Weeks + days: 12/23 and 13 weeks today. 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Lemon

    Team Green/Team Blue/Team Pink: We did a sneak peak and baby is a boy supposedly. I'm not convinced it's accurate but we get our NIPT results soon! 

    Upcoming appointments: I have my 16 week appointment on July 10. 

    How are you feeling? The fatigue is lifting a bit which is nice but the spotting has been scary. I'm high risk and I'm not thrilled with this noticeable risk sign. So far everything has been fine but I don't like it either way. 

    Raves/Rants: We've had issues with OB care here unfortunately. We ended up in the ER almost two weeks ago and they scheduled us a follow up OB appointment several days later where they gave us a nurse practitioner who isn't certified in US so we couldn't see baby, hear the Heart beat, or know if he is even growing. She also claimed that HCG should be doubling every 48 hours (which isn't true at this stage) and that US don't determine fetal viability. She is however, very invested in researching my EDS diagnosis which is the first time I've ever had a doctor so interested in learning about it. 

    Questions: Anyone starting registries? I want to but at the same time, I'm dragging my feet on it. 
  • @lexieb98 I have started a registry. This is my second, but we had already given everything away because we thought we would never be pregnant again. I did mine on Amazon just to make it easy for everyone.
    DX PCOS + mild male factor
    TTC since Dec. 2015
    Current Treatment: Metformin, Provera, Letrozole, Trigger, IUI
    Past Treatment: Clomid + Metformin x 3 BFN
    Letrozole 5 mg + Trigger shot + IUI = BFP!
    Beta confirmed 8/22
    EDD 5/1/17
  • dmcg17dmcg17 member
    @lexieb98 I have a registry barely started - I pretty much just have it so I don't lose track of things that come up on Facebook ads, haha.  I think it's like 2 pairs of shoes and a couple of onesies/dresses...
  • lexieb98lexieb98 member
    @clt2pwm11 I thought about amazon but I miss target and all things from there so we're doing ours on babylist so I can just add stuff from wherever. I can also add British products for my friends that are near us, but family can order US products, so it works out pretty well that way. 

    @dmcg17 Yeah I have bottles and a few other things but none of the big ticket items. I'm so annoyed because I picked out a baby monitor that I liked and now I don't know if I can have it here and have to do even more research on it... It's way more work than I was expecting it to be
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