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Air Travel at 16 weeks

Hi, I’m looking to travel next Saturday for about 5 days and I’ll be 16 weeks, I’m a tad anxious but my doctor gave me the okay to travel. Looking for any suggestions to help ease my mind.

Re: Air Travel at 16 weeks

  • cnsizercnsizer Just Joined
    Air travel is safe for pregnant moms. Just remember to stretch your legs during and after your flight/car ride to avoid any blood clots. You deserve a relaxing vacation! Enjoy!
  • jenfam3jenfam3 member
    Enjoy I'm flying out to visit my dad so we can tell that side of the family in person (12 was now) The only other protection I'm taking is wearing a mask on the plane because my husband brought home a cold and it knocked me out for 2 weeks so I hoping to not pick up a bug while I'm on vacation. 
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  • I went to Europe and back (~9-10 hours for one of the flights each way) before I even knew I was pregnant. I’ve been to California, New York and now Mexico over the course of the last month (now 14w3d) and all has been good. Doctor had no concerns with travel til 32 weeks. Don’t stress too much- travel is fine for baby! My personal cut off is going to be 6 months for air travel mostly for personal comfort at the advice of some friends.
  • How was your time in Mexico?? Did your doctor have any concerns about the zika? I went to see a travel nurse and she didn’t seem concerned about the zika virus as there haven’t been any cases detected in the last couple years 
  • ahrob135ahrob135 member
    Agree with everyone that air travel is safe, especially if it’s cleared by your doctor. I went to Egypt when I was 7-10 weeks (total air travel was ~21 hours). Recommend wearing compression socks and get an aisle seat so you can get up as much as you want to walk, stretch, use the restroom, etc.
  • dmcg17dmcg17 member
    Everything I've seen says it's fine to travel until 36 weeks as long as you've talked to your doctor and don't have any complications.  We have a Europe cruise scheduled for mid-August for our "babymoon" and had a close friend who went to Portugal for theirs when she was 24-25 weeks (we all live in the US).
  • You should be totally fine, especially if your doc gave the okay! Drink lots of water wear compression socks for your legs and feet and get up and move on the plane 😁
  • lexieb98lexieb98 member
    I've flown 3 times since the start of my pregnancy and have at least one more flight coming up, if not two. It's not a big deal at all early on. 
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