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Cervical ripening/ induction

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I am 40 weeks and scheduled for a cervical ripening tomorrow- which means a dose (or two) of misoprostal. I am having a lot of anxiety about it. I’d love to hear first hand if anyone has done this before. The OB and nurse said it’s completely safe but I’m having second thoughts.

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    My sister had that the first time she was induced. She was fine. They wouldn't offer it to you if it wasn't safe and generally in inductions they give you a vaginal insert if you're not effaced at all and then the pitocin after. What exactly about it is giving you second thoughts?
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    Lol, I beg your pardon, but in the history of hospital births, the things they have offered mothers that are interventions have never ever been without consequences, mostly unhelpful and detrimental. No mother should blindly trust that broken system where technology has been inserted as the “savior” when it has only lead to more poor outcomes, higher maternal and fetal death and higher rates of emergency c-section. The US ranks terribly on the charts, but midwife/birth center and homebirths attended by midwives are actually safer, and there are countries who have implemented this model that have lowered their rates of surgery, death, and infection because there are less interventions. 
    Gentle Birth Choices provides evidence based research. 

    I highly recommend that mothers follow their intuition, read, and research. Get a provider who believes in your body’s innate ability to birth, rather than someone who thinks they need to control the timing and every aspect of the situation, using fear and threats to drive mom into doing what the doctor says is best. 
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