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False labor??

I’m 36+6. At my 36 week appointment (I was 36+3) I was 4cm dilated and 50% effaced. At my 35 weeks appointment I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. My doctor said the progression was a good sign. On Friday I was having consistent lower back pain and menstrual like cramping all day. On Sunday I started having mild, inconsistent contractions. Yesterday I started losing pieces of my mucus plug. I also had some diarrhea yesterday. So far today, nothing but Braxton Hicks. I’ve been so sick for the last two weeks (my kids brought something home) and I haven’t been able to sleep much in weeks. I’m so done with this! 

I went into labor with my first, a boy, late at night at 36+6. I had him the following day at 37 weeks. I didn’t have any labor symptoms with him, other than my water partially breaking, which made me go to L&D. I went into labor with my second, a girl, at 37+6. I was having the worst contractions with her that were only a minute apart but the hospital wouldn’t admit me for several hours because I was only 4cm dilated. Eventually they took pity on me and admitted me. I had her the following morning at 38+1. With her I was experiencing the exact same pregnancy symptoms as I am this time around, just a week later. With her I was 4cm dilated, 50% effaced and the head was engaged at 37+3. This time around, this time a boy, I was exactly the same at 36+3. I was even sick and having menstrual cramping and back pain with my daughter at 37+3. At 37+5 I even lost some of my mucus plug with her like I did this time around at 36+5. I wondering if labor will begin in the next couple of days or if I’m experiencing false labor. 

Any similar experiences? 

Re: False labor??

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    The short story is nobody knows, and it could be in five minutes, or five days. 

    FWIW I experienced all of this for 9 days before my last induction. It was false labor/prodromal labor. I hope you don’t have to wait that long. 
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    I experienced false labor with my second that lasted a few days. It’s so frustrating that any little thing can mean everything or nothing! Currently no changes, I’ll have to just continue to play the waiting game. Thank you!! 
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