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TWW w/o May 29

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Typical LP length: 




Re: TWW w/o May 29

  • Month/Cycle: 6/6

    CD/DPO: 24/11

    Timing: -5, +1

    Typical LP length: 12-13 days

    Testing: Timing wasn’t good, so not testing unless AF is late

    R/R: I guess my rant is that I’ve gotten out of the habit of working out and it’s so hard to get back in the habit, especially when it’s getting warmer out and I’m just too hot to exercise.

  • kbru88kbru88 member
    Month/Cycle: 2/2
    CD/DPO: 38/9

    Timing: -1,0

    Typical LP length: 11-14 days

    Testing: yesterday and today was both negative. 



    @britters314 agreed! I took a break this weekend. I have zero motivation today. At least I have my exercise bike inside. But I still don't want to...
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  • I agree with you ladies working out is so hard to get in the habit!

    Month/Cycle: 13/??

    CD/DPO: 13/2

    Timing:  -1

    Typical LP length: 13

    Testing: I plan to test 6/11 at 13 dpo

    R/R: We had a family vacation over few so only got to be once so my hopes are not high but it's ok because I just started a new job yesterday and we are having my nieces graduation party at my house so I won't be too distracted by the tww this time because I have so much going on. On the other hand I always feel like one month not attc is a waste of another egg. Oh well onward 

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