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Hi June moms!
im starting to get more and more nervous getting close to delivery that baby will arrive safely. I’ve been feeling her move and kick counts are successful when I’m lying down or sitting and focusing (I have an anterior placenta) but throughout the day (I’m pretty active) I barely feel her moving. If I feel her moving at this point they are small adjustments and body rolls. Not many strong kicks or jabs like before. Can anyone relate or does anyone have any suggestions? 

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  • kat8844kat8844 Newbie
    I had the same experience with my first daughter. She was very active at night and I couldn't sleep well, and she didn't kick during the day. Everything was fine and I have a beautiful and healthy girl now. But if you worry, you can address your doctor for additional testing.
  • My OB made a point to say that the small movements count just as much as the big movements. But when I get nervous, my husband purchased a relatively inexpensive heart rate Doppler for about $75 on Amazon, and that has been very comforting for just a quick check. Plus the action of finding their heart rate has usually encourage them to wiggle around enough to also make me feel better. 
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  • 3ssbrrs003ssbrrs00 member
    I was in L&D last night because of sudden decreased fetal movement. Everything showed up normal no signs of distress. They said sometimes that if the baby is normally predictable with movement and then there is noticeable change in decreased fetal movement this close to the end it could mean labor is roughly 24 hours away. First time I ever heard that. 
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    This is normal because young children during pregnancy will have more active hours and have time to rest. The period of vigorous exercise will bring about time. You can learn the pregnancy process by stages to see if these signs are normal
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