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Symptoms chat- May/June

How are you feeling? 

Re: Symptoms chat- May/June

  • Nausea has definitely hit. So far the medication is keeping it at bay 🤞that continues to be the case. 
    I remember being SO tired my first pregnancy and I’m not feeling that this time. I think the kids have driven me to a point where I just can’t get more tired, so this is just my new normal now. 😂🙃 

  • I’m feeling some symptoms come and go! Mostly fatigue, but also some intense bloating. I’m not thin by any means, so now my bloating looks like a few months further along than I actually am😅 but it is what it is! My nausea is hit and miss, mostly in hot/stuffy places like a car or when wearing a mask. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get too much worse 🤞🏼 also, definitely some soreness & sensitivity in the chest! I might have to buy new bras again sooner rather than later 😂
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  • a_hangli47a_hangli47 member
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    @charmedlifex3  I was just telling my husband something similar! 😂 my toddler has had me tired for long enough, my baseline is just fatigue in general. 
  • Anyone get "stomach" (I guess, abdominal) pains? Mine seems to come and go, either side of my belly button. I'm 7wks and have a history of mild digestive issues. Hoping this is just a product of slowed digestion and the uterus expanding, and not something more sinister. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow, so I will ask about it, just in case. 
  • klp__klp__ member
    What medicine do you take? My nausea is getting bad
  • I have some general “pain” or just uncomfortableness in my stomach. I’m guessing it’s just the hormonal fluctuations. 

    I got a funny notification from my watch about my increase in resting heart rate over the past 2 weeks! 😂
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  • There's not too much going on here in February 2024 yet. Hopefully it will pick up a little bit once we all get settled into our pregnancies (and start getting symptoms). I really loved the community of the Bump with my first pregnancy so I hope our group gets going.

    I don't have too many symptoms yet, they come and go but I am having a really hard time focusing at work even though I'm not feeling the exhaustion quite yet.
  • ms062422ms062422 member
    Extremely tired and nauseous. I tried the sea bands and they work really well for me! I’m able to eat again and my nausea is tolerable! Other than that, these are my only symptoms so far!
  • cmill828cmill828 member
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    The pregnancy insomnia is killing me! Because I'm usually a stomach sleeper, I've been trying to sleep on my side, but it's not going well. I have a pregnancy pillow on the way, but I just can't get comfortable. Even if I do, I'm up 3+ times at night and unable to fall back asleep. Last night I took a bath with lavendar epsom salt at 230am to help relax(and thats not the first time this week ive had to do that). I don't know how I'm gonna make it to February like this 😩
  • @klp__ usually unisom and b6 is the first line of defense! Ask your doctor about it. 
    I take unisom and b6, zofran, phenergan and Tigan. Tigan doesn’t help me not vomit, it just helps with nausea. Without them I vomit 30-100 times a day, with them it’s maaaybe once or twice. 
    @cmill828 unisom and Benadryl are both pregnancy class B (very safe!) chat with your OB about adding it at night. 
    @dinomeetsjedi baby brain is so real. I swear each baby takes a piece… and they don’t give it back! 

  • I’m so nauseous this time around! This is my second and I’m about 6 weeks along. I barely have an appetite, which I guess is okay for a while since I’m trying to gain as little weight as possible. I’m 20 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with my first
  • mg2089mg2089 Just Joined
    I am feeling a lot of burning like sensation in my stomach. I read a lot and all pregnancy symptoms talk about heart burn. Mine is definitely stomach burn. I had 2 miscarriages earlier - these were at 6 and 8 weeks respectively. During the first one I used to feel the same burning sensation in stomach. Doctors arent saying anything/ sharing any medicine for this. Feeling really scared right now.
  • @mg2089 have you tried taking something like tums to see if it helps? That sounds like how I experience heartburn too.
  • Is anyone experiencing headaches?? I have woken up with a dull headache for 2 days now. 
    I’m 8wks1day
  • cmill828cmill828 member
    @charmedlifex3 Thank you for suggesting Unisom! I bought it Sunday morning and it's been an absolute game changer!
  • @knottie yes to the headaches. I get them if I don't get enough sleep, food or water and I am especially sensitive to getting them when I am pregnant.
  • @mg2089 the burning symptom is more of a symptom of pregnancy rather than miscarriage. The surge of progesterone relaxes smooth muscle, including the spinster in the esophagus causing heartburn. 
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  • I’m feeling very lucky! Just fatigue - napping which I never could do before, and sleeping hard at night - between the almost clockwork 3 trips to the bathroom. Can barely keep up with my thirst. I didn’t even know I could drink this much water. 
  • I’m feeling very lucky! Just fatigue - napping which I never could do before, and sleeping hard at night - between the almost clockwork 3 trips to the bathroom. Can barely keep up with my thirst. I didn’t even know I could drink this much water.

    (duplicate, trying to get my new username to show)
  • The nausea and exhaustion has hit me hard this week. I tend to feel good in the evenings but definitely struggling in the morning and most of the early afternoon :(
    I can’t take diclectin because it makes me too drowsy… trying to find other ways to masking the morning/all day sickness.
  • This is my first ever pregnancy! So far I’ve mostly experienced insomnia, bloating, and some light dizziness. I just found out that I am pregnant a few days so the insomnia could just be a mixture of happiness, anxiety, and questions ha!
  • @mg2089 how are you doing? We're you able to get any answers about your stomach burning? I was going to ask if you were checked for a UTI? 
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