2nd Trimester

Heartburn and acid reflux

What are you doing to help this? I’ve tried tums, Pepcid, apple cider vinegar, peppermint tea…the list goes on. I’m almost 27 weeks and I’m feeling like the last 13 weeks are going to be even worse. This is my third pregnancy and my first real experience with either of these issues. 

Re: Heartburn and acid reflux

  • I had it bad with both previous babies, and now at 19 weeks it’s getting bad already. I had to take heartburn meds, stop eating at 6:00/7:00 at night, take Tums as needed, and sleep propped up, otherwise the heartburn would be awful and I might wake up puking from acid reflux. Nothing made it completely better until I delivered. Hopefully you find something that works for you!
  • @mizzoumomma11 thanks! I’m trying sleeping propped up this week. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll just keep trying.
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  • I was also having severe acid reflux from week 8 on. My doc actually prescribed me some acid reducer meds because nothing worked and it was causing other issues. Ginger is another option to try if you aren't wanting to go the med route.
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