2nd Trimester

Ultrasound concern- brain development

I am 24 weeks and just had an ultrasound showing that the left hemisphere of my baby’s brain is larger than the right side. We are waiting on our OB to schedule additional genetic screening but are of course concerned. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m just not sure what I should be expecting in terms of outcome. 

Re: Ultrasound concern- brain development

  • linh18linh18 member
    Try not to be concerned until the doctors tell you you need to be concerned. I know, easier said than done. To relieve a bit of worry, one of my cousins has one partially developed hemisphere and one developed one. He can't do maths because he is missing that part of brain development but other than that you would never know. He has a steady job, can drive a car and is independent, is sociable, makes funny jokes and is one of our favorite cousins. 
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