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Lactating but not positive pregnancy test

Hey - just wondering if anyone experience leaky nipples BEFORE testing positive for a pregnancy test. I have two children already and am not actually trying to conceive. My period is still not due for another 4 days. Pregnancy test was negative today but just a little spooked since I haven’t breastfeed or leaked in like 8 months …

Re: Lactating but not positive pregnancy test

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    That's probably something for you to discuss with your doctor. I don't believe your body has enough hormones to lactate at this stage even if you are pregnant
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    I don't want to freak you out, but that can be a sign of breast cancer. I went through it myself a few years ago. Please go see a doctor to rule it out. 
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  • You don't leak this early in pregnancy.  Seek out a doctor, to be sure nothing serious is going on. 
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