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We are nearing the end. 
I know many don't do the cervical checks, if you do them have your progressed at all?
It doesn't mean much. I'm usually at a 2 or 3 for a month and 50%. I have friends that never progress until labor hits. I just find our bodies to be so amazing in what they do. 

I went today and I'm 1.5 and 30%. And she felt his head. So he moved and got into position, thankfully. 

So it's progress. Still probably weeks out. 

Anyone else get an update? 

Re: Progress

  • Just had my 36 week app Thursday. Baby is head down, but not dilated and "thick and high" is what she told me when I asked if I was effaced at all 😅 Honestly I was a little bummed there was nothing going on yet but she said she wasn't expecting to see anything.  
  • Hey head down is great news! Understandable to be bummed about the rest. I was this week too (Thursday as well), when no more progress had been made. It means very little, but is still nice to hear progress is happening.
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  • Definitely! I know things will happen on their own schedule but after all this time, I'm like ok I'm ready now, do something! I made no progress this week either. 
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    You are only 36 weeks
     I walked around 4 weeks at head engaged, dilated at 4 and had a 36 hour labor 2.5 hours of pushing. She was born the day before her expected due date.  

    Don't rush things! 
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