2nd Trimester

Restless and Can’t Sleep

I’m so sleepy but am not sleeping soundly. I’m only 17 weeks but no pillow is helping me get comfortable and I am so restless. I’ve had restless leg syndrome in the past but this feels more like restless arm syndrome — I have to keep shaking and stretching my arms to get relief. My arms are also going numb and tingle/burn while I’m trying to sleep. It constantly wakes me me up. Well, that and my toddler. This is all maddening as I’m sleepy but can’t sit still enough to sleep or get in a comfortable position without something hurting. Anyone else? 

Re: Restless and Can’t Sleep

  • I have RLS and terrible insomnia, my doctor prescribed calcium and magnesium and said I could take unisom to help me sleep but most nights it doesn’t work. I try not to fight the insomnia, I read, try to take my mind off of it. I keep hoping it is just a faze. Try heating pad on the calves and compression socks, lots of water. Pregnancy can be rough.
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    Sounds like carpal tunnel, which is a common pregnancy ailment. Talk to your doctor about what you can do. They make wrist braces that might help.
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