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Implantation ??

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Hi everyone

Me and my husband are trying for a baby

I have been tracking ovulation ,AF was due on sat 23 rd ,but on the sat i wiped and noticed pink that was only there upon wiping and not everytime ,sunday it was a brown ish colour again only on wiping ,then it turned to a red ish colour for 3 days in then stopped ,my period is always 5 days and comes dead on time but this all started 3 days earlier ,AF is normally heavy with having to change pads 4/5 times a day ,what i just had didnt even soak a pad only about the size of a 50p ish ,there was more upon wiping and was more of a red colour i would say bright red and had no clots ,i have done a test and its negative ,has anyone had anythings similar and should i wait longer to test incase it was implantation ,with both my boys i didnt find out until 6 weeks that i was pregnant but wasnt tracking like i am this time

Re: Implantation ??

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    I have had periods like this during an anovulatory cycle (didn't release an egg but your hormones still go through the motions). Or you could of had a heavy implantation. Normally you would test positive two days after implantation ... So it sort of sounds like that is not it. Do you use OPKS? Or Temp? During an anovulatory cycle you would get a positive opk but no temp surge. 
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